12 Oct Website or Facebook Page?

Many of you have asked yourself this question before, and you have probably heard people say: I DON’T NEED A WEBSITE, I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE! Or the phrase: I SELL WITH FACEBOOK. Now a days, a Brand is not what its Marketing department says it...

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Diseño Web

11 Oct Who should design my website?

In our post today, we answer a question that we frequently hear: Who should design my website? Many times people have only a vague idea that websites are made by a graphic designer or a developer, but not many contemplate that there are some very important pieces...

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kakao media picasso

01 Oct Design is your personality

Who of us haven’t felt, at least once in our life, identified with a company’s logo? Well, for the brands of both companies and people, the design they use, either in print or online, makes a HUGE difference, because it’s what it represents them. Our...

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