12 Oct How to market better on the internet, based on the buying cycle.

Today we talk about a process that is crucial for sales in any business; the buying cycle. This is simply the process which the client goes through before buying a product or service, it should be noted that this cycle is different depending on the type of product or service you’re offering.

Making a sale depends a lot on your knowledge of your customer´s behavior at each stage of the cycle. We know there is no way of forcing them to buy from us, but there are ways to persuade them to do so. Understanding your clients buying cycle is key to getting the right tools and content to persuade them.

So how do we know in what stage of the cycle our customer is? Well, it is very important that we know what the cycle is and how the client behaves.

The cycle goes as follows:

  1. He realizes:

The customer realizes he has a necessity, he may be unsure of what he wants but begins to look for an answer to his problem. Here is where you should provide all possible information of what you offer, and your social media, web site and content in general is what lets them know who you are!

  1. Investigates:

Then is time to learn more about the characteristics of the product or service he found. The customer wants to know what is best, what makes it the best, how he can get it and where. He starts making inquiries therefore you as a business need to be on alert so you can give him an immediate response.

  1. Compares:

Here the client has already identified who the ones that can meet his need are. Everybody is vying for the same customer. It is therefore necessary not to make yourself scarce, actually send messages to make him feel your support and interest.

  1. Decides:

After looking at the options and validating each one, it’s time to decide. So your content has to be more personal than ever and each channel used has to make the potential client feel your uniqueness, and the support you can give him if he buys from you.

  1. Action:

He makes a decision and he chose you. Your content at this stage should be geared to show gratitude for that purchase and let him know he can count on you for future purchases.

Knowing whether a potential client is just looking for options or is already determined to buy will help you provide content that interests him. Imagine that someone is just looking around to know what the options are for professional cameras. If you send this person content about the ultimate lens collection, he will probably walk away because tbe content is not stimulating enough and because you are not helping him get out of that stage of the cycle, you are actually making it more confusing for him.

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