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01 Oct Design is your personality

Who of us haven’t felt, at least once in our life, identified with a company’s logo? Well, for the brands of both companies and people, the design they use, either in print or online, makes a HUGE difference, because it’s what it represents them. Our focus with this post is to emphasize that all design should be “intrinsically related to your personality”, to correctly identify you.

But how do I define my identity? Well, there is no magic formula! What you have to do is sit down with your inner creative and think: “Who are you really?” “How would you like to be perceived?” Serious? Happy? Cheerful? Corporate? Do you like the elegant, minimalist design, or are you more biased towards colors and shapes?

Just like Picasso, Michelangelo or Paolo Veronesse; everything you do must be a reflection of who you are. If Picasso would have based his art on basic norms and conventions, he would probably never have broken schemes and he wouldn’t have been so famous. Now, just imagine if Picasso would have liked to be branded as himself in social media, website or a banner; let’s just say it would have been weird to see him promoted with posts that weren’t consistent with his paintings. The right way to do it would be, make his web presence completely cubist, also.

And the key is to be consistent (brand manuals help a lot) and define how you want to be known, so your customers associate your graphic line with your company.

For example, if you use a certain font, color palette, drawings, etc. trying to keep this uniform through your web presence is essential for people to recognize your brand (also being careful that everything looks the same and boring).

We at Kakao Media are a group of young people passionate about many different things: music, art, technology, etc. and we try to mash them all together to create something interesting. If you have been following us, or have worked with us before, you know our line is based around our color: Orange, black and white. We love minimalist design and abstract hipster-ish art ;).


If you look at the following images, you can see an example of keeping your graphic line consistent through your posts. We like solid colors, transparencies, thin fonts and simple design.


There are universal rules of web design, but that is a post for later. But your first step is defining your look around your personality, and reflecting it in ALL of your designs. Make all of your collaborators in your company aware of the look, and unify all their styles into one.

What do you think should be the soul of YOUR design?

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