07 Sep Content marketing helps you grow!

Have you ever wondered why you are hearing so much about content marketing lately? Does my company need to start marketing with content? If so, how do I do it? 

First, let’s start by defining what content marketing is: to attract potential clients through relevant information shared in our online mediums. For those of you who checked out our article “How to entice clients on the Internet? probably noticed that content marketing is one of the pillars of INBOUND MARKETING. (For those of you who missed it, you can click right here.)

So you have to decide according to your types of clients, what kind of media will they appreciate more? It can be video, or infographics; redirect them to your blog or share images.

But to know this, you have to create a content strategy. To do that, you have to define the following:

  • Your objectives: What do I want to accomplish by sharing valuable content to my clients? It could be that you want to increase your brand presence or to get contacted by potential clients more often. It could be that you want them to interact with you, buy from you or to make them more loyal. Whatever your objective is, you have to be clear that your actions have to point your company towards fulfilling that objective.
  • Your market segment: Who are my clients? What are their characteristics? What do they like? Age? How do they behave? What problem do they have? In our experience, the better you understand your clients, the better you will communicate.
  • How they perceive you: You need to know what potential clients think of you, and what to expect in response from them. You need to listen closely, your clients will always tell you where to improve.


After considering these factors, it´s time to think about 3 important things: YOU AND YOUR COMPETITION;

  • What is the company’s current situation? Lets analyze, what is our company’s identity? How can I change to better serve our clients? How much would this cost? How do I relate to my clients
  • Your competitions strategy of online marketing: Studying your competition and what they do will help you be more original in your efforts. You have to keep an eye on the content they are sharing, their recurrence, their tone of communication and the channels they use.


Finally now, it is time to think: WHAT CONTENT SHOULD I SHARE?

Important to know:

  • What you have at hand that you can reutilize, and what type of content you will create according to your client base and your objective.
  • What channels you will use to share this information: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog, website, YouTube channel.
  • In what stage of the consumer cycle the clients you are trying to reach are. Knowing if you are addressing new clients or recurring clients will help you map out your content.


Last but not least, do not forget to ANALYZE AND ITERATE. A good strategy is one that is evaluated constantly, you have to follow up with your statistics and identify if they are reading your content, if they are interacting with it and how much time they spend looking at it.

One final advice: DO NOT TRY TO SELL WITH YOUR CONTENT. Clients get tired of invasive publicity. It is better to inform them how your products and services bring value to the table.

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